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Pictured above are some of the Haven of Hope children that were rescued from living on the streets.
Pictured above are some of the Haven of Hope children that were rescued from living on the streets.

Blue Ocean waters, palm trees, beaches, sounds like paradise - right? Wrong! This is the setting in the Philippines Islands. Amidst these beautiful natural surroundings are some of the most devastating, inhumane living conditions on the globe. Children are literally thrown away. They are left on the streets to survive alone.

One incidence that comes to mind is that of Juvy, a little boy six years old who with his brother Alex, age seven, were forced to live underneath the front porch of their mother and stepfather's shack. They were so desperate they ate bugs and parts of rubber flip flops. We were able to rescue these children and place them in "Haven of Hope" a children's home we established in 1998.

This is just one of many stories of children living in deplorable conditions with no one to care for them. The Hope Foundation was initially established to reach out to these precious Philippine children who are so very deserving and yet so very desperate. We set a goal to reduce the number of hungry, homeless, and helpless children in the world. As of today, we have made tremendous progress increasing our programs from their meager beginnings of just 80 to 90 per month to currently feeding 1,000+ children in the Philippines. Through our networking with "Feed the Children"; we are feeding the Native Americans in Wyoming as often as possible. Beyond feeding the hungry we have given shelter to the homeless, street children of the Philippines by networking with Carol Leaphart to provide finances to build “God's Town”, a children's' home complete with dorms and a cafeteria in Catbalogan. We then saw the great need to establish, “Haven of Hope” a children's' home in Tacloban City for abandoned street children.

The HOPE Foundation provides help to people who are not able to help themselves. We provide more than just hope we provide food, clothing, medical treatment, and education. The programs in the Philippines are overseen by Larry & Bobbie Womack, Sarah Cha, and our Filipino staff. More information is available on our Philippine Outreach page.

On June 17th, 1999 we joined our vision with Gary and Connie Cochran and established The Hope Center in Chatsworth, Georgia. The Center provides between 1200 and 1500 low or no income individuals with a balanced nutritional supply of groceries. The Center was able to become independent in July of 2004 with the help of local businesses and churches and continues to provide a desperately needed service to the community.
Special projects are conducted here in the U. S. providing families in need with Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners and toys for the children. We have also joined efforts with “Feed the Children” providing food for Native American Indians.

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